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Reviews for "Billy's Barricade"

That was fun and challenging! It was a cute horror themed game, you can literally feel some of the tension on trying to survive each challenging day. Not only that but it also had unique opening as well. The only problem is basically it get a little repetitive after awhile and then there's the big issue with the viewing of the objects and your progress and timer bars. They almost feel useless and only adds more nerve racking tension on trying not to miss one single solitary piece of furniture. But besides being a bit seldom difficult it was as mentioned before fun and a challenging game to beat. I'm going to bestow you a 2 in a half out of 5. And a 2/5 in voting power. I hope you've enjoyed this review. Good day.

This is a pretty good 48 hour game. The music and graphics are nice, and I like the style of the intro. I enjoy these types of games, but wish there was more of a story as a reward. Even just a simple "the next day" montage would have been nice.

Anyway, thanks for the game, keep up the good work!