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Reviews for "Billy's Barricade"

Cool game, but I just didn't get why you have to touch stuff to barricade the door...that didn't make sense. Like, if you stack everything in a line up, the door wouldn't be barricaded IRL...what about horizontally?

That's a good game, but it's boring after 6 th day for me... but just a bit ;) Good job ;)

That's not very horrible!

Interesting gam, very original, and had avery good intro. However,i was fat too simple and boring after day 1. No real challenge was made in this game. ut i liked the animation/graphics and i adored the music.

I'm not sure why, but the game ended abruptly (with me losing) on the 3rd day when I still had a good chunk of time left showing on the bar. Apart from that, the game was pretty tedious. Doing something like halving the time limit but doubling the point values would probably make it less so.