Reviews for "Lumberjack vs Treehuggers"

4 Stars for Gameplay, -0,5 for too few upgrades, -1 for the message of the game, -0,5 for only 4 types of enemys (at least until lvl 8 when it got boring) and -0,5 because it's way too easy (don't think we will not beat you when you throw with axes ;P [btw throwing chainsaws is pretty much useless])

made in 48 hours? WOW!

funny for some minutes, but boring after some time. would be better with more upgrades like increasing the health of the cabin or some weapons like turrets or bear traps a blue bull or so.

Great for a short time of fun, but the problem is that the fun doesn't last long. The game needs more upgrades and more enemy types. But, with a little tweaking, this game could be a lot of fun. 3.5 stars for the game itself, another half star for the second.

Given the time constraint I'd say it's good. The gameplay is nice and simple and as the waves go by it get's really insane. Could have different upgrades to keep the player hooked longer i guess. A Four Score of fun.

funstorm responds:

Thanks for playing! I really wanted to add more upgrades too. You can even see on the upgrades menu there's a row of blank space where I was supposed to put them. But I ran out of time at the end.