Reviews for "Lumberjack vs Treehuggers"

Boring game. Also throwing over9000 chainsaws to kill 1 human is stupid. You should add more Upgrade-able stuff

Simple and fun, but a tad bit too simple. If there's unlimited wood in each tree, and you can just hold in your mouse button to continuously fire, it gets a bit too easy with the chainsaw upgrade.

I like the part where on night two the big fat fucks show up at the same time and smash up the cabin for ten damage and ruin the game for you.


funstorm responds:

The fatties don't spawn until night 3. Try shooting the trees to collect wood that you can use to buy an upgraded weapon and they should go down easy!

Really a great looking game, however the gameplay was all to easy and by night 4 I had already upgraded to the chainsaw and had a couple hundred wood. This is a good game given it was made in 48 hours.

As a dev myself, I'm surprised you were able to make so much bug-free content in 48 hours.

Like others have said though, there need to be more upgrades: one which I would have loved is being able to construct barricades using the wood I chopped down. Another minor tweak which could make it even more fun/challenging is making the forest disappear piece by piece the more you cut down the trees - not only would you have to go farther to get your upgrades, but you'd also get a clearer shot at getting rid of the fast or high-health tree-huggers.

If you're still reading this, I'll admit that I've rated this a 4 more on potential than the way it currently is. As it stands, I'd say this is a nicely packaged 3 star game.

funstorm responds:

Thanks man! It was a mad rush to get it all done. Good suggestions. I think you're spot on about the upgrades... our original idea was to have a 'day mode' where you can place traps and barricades but we had to cut it :(