Reviews for "Lumberjack vs Treehuggers"

Fun little game. I'm a little disappointed that the trees didn't disappear after cutting them for a while. I mean, I can't hit the treehuggers with my chainsaw because there are trees in the way. You'd think that situation would resolve itself.

It would also have been nice if there was a better way to pick up wood, either by having a larger collection radius, or collecting by walking over the wood. It's not easy picking up wood when you're busy shooting hippies.

really good game. i laughed my ass off when i saw that the girl blew up like a raging teen lol

Simple but funny, i think needs more upgrades, go for it!!

i know you only had a limited amount of time but it would have been nice to see more upgrades. neat game though :P

Primitive. Kinda well done but not really. 3 stars however. Didn't find any glitches so thats always a plus.