Reviews for "Lumberjack vs Treehuggers"

To get the wood move your mouse over the wood. For the people who do not know because I se a fiew.

Lol i wuz like WTF HOISERS!!!!

When it comes to design art, well, that stuff, the game is flawless, the music is nice, but you could add 1 more tune, for when the house is under attack, like, some sort of forest fire song, hahahah

Gameplay, well the game its a bit repetitive, but what game isnt? its fun, if you focus on stockpilling wood from the start, its really easy.

Something i would love to see is that, after you hit a tree several times, you cut it down leaving only the stump, until a point, where there are no trees left, and you break down into tears, becuase in your quest to kill the treehuggers, you went mad lumberjacking those trees, now there are no trees left, and you realize, the treehuggers were right :(

fun stuff :D

was a good game, the tree huggers are hippies and foolish teen

the wood pickup could use some work its zoning is off by quiet a large margin
menus are a let down compared to the rest of the game
actual game play was awesome though

funstorm responds:

Thanks for playing and leaving some feedback! Yea, the menus were a personal let down - I simply ran out of time and let down our artist who had even made some that I wasn't able to add before the deadline. For the wood pickup, just move your mouse over it to pick it up. A lot of people expect you have to walk over it to get it, but it's just with the mouse. Sorry it's confusing :P

pretty good game, but it has too little upgrades