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Reviews for "Cab In The Woods "

just not a good game. Slender levels were too easy, yeti levels were wack n they all had bad animations

Seppyb63 responds:

Thanks for the comment/review.
We Didn't have an artist to make our game assets, so we had to settle for me and my mouse.We cut out animations entirely and faked it all with rotations/translations.
As for the difficulty, we had to cut our level design time alot because we were approaching the deadline.Given another 2 weeks,we would have polished the AI of the zombies, so they mimics Inky Pinky Blinky and clyde from pacman, but hey, 48 hours,not everything could get in.

my glicth is the cab can go on the ground!

Seppyb63 responds:

Sorry about that, we got that bug reported yesterday and are working on fixing it.Turns out its a bug in the way the engine does its collisions.It does it collision detection based on boundary lines,which causes alot of problems if you manage to break through.

Good idea bad execution. all the games are boring the slender 2 stage is just tedious the movment controls are jerky and sometimes unresposive (using google chrome)

Seppyb63 responds:

Thanks for the comment :D
Sorry you feel that way about the game, but it was made in 48 hours, and for a flash game jam.Given my own time constraints and framework/language constraints, i would have made this much bigger in c++ in 3+ months and aimed for steam.But no one on the team has that kind of time at the moment. Maybe one day....

okay the slender game was okay actually with only a few art glitchs here or there but the yeti was severly glitched i swerved on the dirt somehow then i went off screen past the avalance and couldnt move after that plus the sicky controls, and in the swampman level i looked close at the taxi and what did i see? THE HASH SLINGING SLASHER! (from spongebob) and a few art glitchs like floating plants and the contols were sticky. so in my opinion you guys should have made one big game instead of three minigames

Seppyb63 responds:

Thanks :D. the fact you noticed the sponge-bob reference made my day :D.
We fully admit this game is flawed, but in 48 hours there was little to no time for polish.Alot of ideas needed to be rushed in order to complete the game in the time frame. But thats all in the spirit of the game jam :D

Gotta say not the best in horror characteristics but made the work for me!
Great job there! Liked it!

Seppyb63 responds:

Thanks alot :D.