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Reviews for "Cab In The Woods "

> Very poor simplistic sprites and animation, yet conveys their subject. Just too weak. 2/10
How to improve: Better sprites, closer view to allow for better detailing, extra details on road and such, possibly weather effect and wrecks/stones etc.
> Very simplistic coding and functions. Nothing really new/interesting/complex. Has a feel of a copy-paste game.1/10
Adding functions, driving effects (e.g. acceleration), giving interactive objects (e.g. barrels to burst into) would make the game more interesting.
> Very simplistic, poor storyline. 1/10
The storyline is childish at best, poor and too simplistic. While I understand sometime designers want to give either storyline or gameplay, this game failed at both.
> Very poor gameplay and control quality. 1/10
The car animation and handling, while simplistic, was simply poor. Many functions would be welcome
> Music: X
The reason I am not voting on the music is that, on its own, the music is actually good, and while fitting, still feels unnecessary and to be better on another game.

Overall: 1/5
Do note that this is for your own benefit, as I believe there is genuine capacity here - just not enough planning and effort. Try again, and good luck. Not the best way to get on the front page guys :\

Seppyb63 responds:

cheers for the review :D
1>Sprites were done with a mouse, we are not artists :D sorry bout that.
2>The game has a feel of copy paste because it was done with 1 tile engine in 48 hours, if we had the time, we would diversify a lot more, but we were caught for time massively.
3>We were going for simple.
4>can i get a guide by which you gauged the game-play ? it would be handy for future projects? if you just pulled 1/10 out of the air, cheers for that.
5>Cheers, we like the music too :D

Again, thanks for the review, feed back is one of the most important things when making games :D

I saw Slender Man in the thumbnail... anybody else?

Seppyb63 responds:

haha that was MakeHimAnOffer's idea :D

Awesome work for a game made in 48 HOURS!!! Nice job. Definitely ambitious. if a bit glitchy at times. Not sure if the people below realize, that this was made in 48 HOURS!!

Anyways, good job

Seppyb63 responds:

Don't i know you :| haha

Um dont play yet but when did they created slender because when we know it all in websites are like slender

Seppyb63 responds:

Thanks :D

This game only gets a half a star, first the Slender levels are really stupid and easy. the Yeti levels were just as dumb as the Slender ones and just as easy, and god the lagoon.. i can't even muster up enough energy to say how bad it was.

Seppyb63 responds:

Cheers for the comment, Thanks for at least playing it all the way through, a lot of people play level one, than stop. Sorry our game wasn't to your taste,but bare in mind, we had a 48 hour window in which to design, code,make art/audio and debug a full game. That's a lot of work between 3 guys in a weekend, given that most games are made over months of hard-work. We had to cram that time into a single weekend,so a lot of cutbacks had to happen. Given say, 3 months to make a game, we would have tackled it completely differently, but hey,we don't have 3 month at the moment. Maybe sometime in the future. :D