Reviews for "Cab In The Woods "

I GOT STUCK IN THE TREES But this game is EPIC!!!!!!!!!

+Flashlight effect. Nice touch

+Music is good

+Most of the art is good


-Fail on not using Mouse.hide() to hide the real cursor.

-Music is repetitive and gets annoying quickly

-Barely any plot, if not none

-Not interesting, I got bored in 2 minutes

-Tries to be scary, but fails

-Graphics could use some more work

-Slow and laggy, needs optimization

-Controls are wonky and stiff as fuck

-Not immersive at all

-Atmosphere is lacking.

-Repetitive gameplay

-Making the player jump through hoops with inane excuses like "Oh by the way, Slender hates zombies, so you aren't allowed to run them over even though that would logically make him happy". Bonus points for the excuse contradicting itself.

Final score: 4 pros / 14 cons = 0.286 = 3/10 = 1.5/5

Since you only had 2 days to make this, however, I'll give an extra half-star.


Seppyb63 responds:

Cheers for the review :D, The break down does help alot, as personally this is my first real flash game.We more did this for the jam than anything else, cause we love jams,having attended like...5ish jams in the last 2-3 years.We learned loads, that we will hopefully put in the next of our games...if we make another flash game, i don't know....it so hard to make "original" games in flash, since there are millions of games out there already, meh, ill make something over the summer.. :D

In the first 2 minutes of the game I get 4 medals! XD

The game its a fucking krey say its a fuck and piss!!!!

i dont like this game because it needs more work it needs more plot and i had no fun overall srry.