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Reviews for "Cab In The Woods "

Ok, lets get down to buissness.
First off, the graphics... I'm not a graphics whore or anything, but... it looked like microsoft paint for windows 7 or somthing near it. The level design ranged from one level to the next.
Slender: Nothing too catchy, bad AI, simple and unnatracctive level design.
Yeti: Design was okay, looked legit for the most part, and the avalance would glitch sometimes.
Black lagoon: Design was undecrotive, bad AI, but really good challange. Took me 10 times to get past it. FUUUUUUU moment.
Next: Music. Was the most decent thing on here. Although I can tell it was stolen... But I can't blame you. You atleast used it correctly. Was fitting for all levels.
All in all, was decent compared to the SHIT that has 3 or 4 lines of code on the front page.

Seppyb63 responds:

cheers for that review :D.I beleive padraig PM'd you regarding the music, hope that cleared everything up.
As for the art, it looks bad, because i am not an artist, i am a programmer(not an AS3 one at that, mostly c++ and c#), i did the art because we don't have an art guy to turn to .

Regarding the music, i just want to know how did you deduce that the music was stolen(cause its not). Just curious how you came to that conclusion.

Not bad, if a little simple. However in slender level 2, there is a glitch where you can drive of the road at some point and if you go off-sceen, you can't come back,although the screen brightens up and the sounds still play.

Seppyb63 responds:

cheers, thanks for the bug report, well work on fixing that. the reason the taxi disappeared is because it is set to only update while its onscreen, its an optimization.We made the maze in such a way that you could not go off screen,but in 48 hours a bug or two is bound to get through :D.

The lagoon board needs work. Perhaps that's the set up for the entire game to start from the very beginning, but I found the controls on the Lagoon board to be a bit sluggish...even though we're underwater, the point is that the enemies move faster than you do. I've always disliked that sort of aspect. Never made sense. But I suppose that's the challenge.

Anyway good job. It's a very nice time waster.

Seppyb63 responds:

thanks a lot for the comment, we had some beta testers that said the exact opposite, that the taxi moved to fast underwater, so we slowed it to a more manageable level.If we update this game, or expand on the idea, well put in a slider or something to set your move speed so people can dial it into a comfortable level.Thanks for the feedback :D

Alright, that was pretty cool for 48 hours of work. Three different forms of platformers in one game. Collision detection seems to be a little off for the swamp levels though. The taxi also accelerates a little too fast when you hold the up key for a while in those stages. The seaweed speed-bumps amused me though. Graphics need a little work though, and maybe some additional sound effects would be nice.

Seppyb63 responds:

Thanks for the feedback.This game was effectively made by 3 programmers.none of us were artists or audio guys (Although Padraig is pretty gifted at this music malarkey :D), we kinda winged it :D. I did the art with a mouse mainly because we didn't have a token art guy to call on :D. hope you enjoyed the game, :D

haha, awesome. esp. given the time limit.

Seppyb63 responds:

Thank you :D, this is my first real flash game (i did shitty art for one before,but that doesn't count :D ) so good comments make me smile way too much :D