Reviews for "Virtual Sex Alma"

This game-demo is a good quality but the movement of the breasts needs to be juggled a little more freely and Alma should have some moaning to it.

I would really suggest that there should more sex positions than just pussy teasing and fucking while standing. It should have like blowjobs and anal. If this is on the real thing then I am more satisfied.

Your loop music sounds good for it moves from slow teasing to real fucking. I like that but it should added a little more like a Saxophone and/or guitar perhaps.

My verdict is 3.5/5! It is a good quality game and I dig with the art because it is very identical with the Vixine Comcs but this game should have added a liiiittle bit more to it. If my suggestions we're on the real game, then I am downright sold maybe a 4.9 or 5! Cheers to your work. :)

love it

its no good without moaning and her saying stuff like " fuck me hard" or "oh right there" stuff like that and her face needs to change

RonPimpster responds:

Well, our previous game, we had moaningand the girl saying stuff, and people complained.

So this game, we decided to try it without the moaning.

I guess people will always have something to complain about regardless of what we do.

But thank you for the suggestion.

good animation, and graphics, not a lot of options :/

Animation was fair to good, the breasts didn't look very good at all. Nice facial features. The girl looked better in the intro than in the game.