Reviews for "Spy Car"

Very Nice! My only 2 complaints are 1. The woman singing is very annoying. Try to go with a more "Peter Gunn" or 007 theme.

2. some of the game physics were a bit off. When I hit the back of a car, it launched me back quite a distance. Other than that, Great game.

This is nice
The choppers are so annoying

loading time takes way too long then it needs too:p

Pretty decent game. I don't like that the car can just flip all over the place at any time. I like the level design, how you can go through the bridge for an alternate route and pass through rings. I like the upgrades, and the level backgrounds. Menu's can seem sorta cramped and frantic, though.

out of 10...
gfx - 8 (cool backgrounds and levels)
sfx - N/A (can't hear 'em)
design - 7 (menu's are confusing)
gameplay - 8 (in spite of flaws, still pretty cool)

overall, this is a hip game that just lacks a few rivets here and there.

Not a bad game after all. Pretty super