Reviews for "Spy Car"

Same problem as crazysovietboy, game freezes and after restarting all datas are lost. Nice game, but not nice enought to restart the whole thing

It's an overall nice game, although I got to criticize a bit on its auto-save system. I had a bad crash and also there was a short blackout, the game forced me to start ALL OVER AGAIN! I find that stupid and you need to fix that.

The other is the 2nd race is there's at least 1 or 2 vehicles running at an air force jet speed which results in me unable to get 1st place many times. People wants to win and I don't know if that's a bug or something, can you help out?

As for the other details, graphics and gameplay wise are fun, but I got to say the music is quite repetitive, you need to bring in more music rather than just only 1.


Pretty fun game and it's fairly easy to get most of the medals. Not bad.

I didn't find this to be that much fun. I guess it's mostly because it's weird with how you seem to die so easily. I will at least give you guys credit for having some really cool graphics. That really disappoints a player. I also thought the sounds were pretty cool and everything synched up well. It just seemed to be a bit too fast for me.

I guess it just takes awhile to get used to using the weapons. Dang, it's been forever since I've played a vehicular combat game of any kind. I actually really liked "Twisted Metal II". Then again, I always used cheat codes. With more time and practice, I can be better at this.