Reviews for "Dual Custody"

Pretty good concept, but the programming/controls were kind of weird, I run stupid fast and far, but not for the jumps, but what got me the most was how the platforms extend much more than they look, making jumps really hard to calculate. What I like about this game is the fact you cannot die, so I just basically ran through everything (I think you should have less traps, but the make the baby sadder).


The controls are very fluid, although the choice of spacebar as jump bothers me a bit. My main complaint is the difficulty and oddness of how it works, the traps are very hard to avoid, but take off so little damage it doesn't impact you at all, as well as health packs are spread throughout the world. I'm sure the difficulty ramps up later in the game but in the beginning its very dull.

THE HUMOR! this game is grood and a lot of fun. It is rather tough, but that can be good too, and I've never been to great at protection games like this. though this one is quite unique.

good storyline, but terrible gameplay. you can't even tell where you're jumping