Reviews for "Dual Custody"

it works fine for me... people who dosn't work... maybe upgrade java?or something xD

Sammys so cute!!

Like most others are saying, great concept, poor execution.

I absolutely love the story and the tone of the narrator. In fact, all of the text in the dialogue boxes and the way the characters speak are all brilliantly snarky and laced with meta-humor.

With a game that requires the player to quickly dodge obstacles and precisely position the character, the controls need to be well placed and responsive. Having the player use the whole width of the keyboard, including keys that require pinky and thumb use, incurs a dexterity penalty that outweighs the players ability for saving throws. Ergo, I can't move the bitch.

200% of the jumps only work 50% of the time.

8-bit flash games are "the flavor" right now and up until I started actually playing, I thought you did a great job. During gameplay, the characters are well defined and everything else looks like an out-of-focus photo. When the screen pans, it feels like I just installed ENBSeries without fully understanding all of the settings; motion blur+pixel games=fart noise.

You can see the seams between the tiles in the environment. Feels rushed.

Robot 8 is a worse nanny than Yoshi.

I sound like kind of a dick, I know, but it's the only language I speak. This could be a really great game, please make it so.

An excellent concept with a well thought out story, wasted by absolutely poor physics, and controls.

I would definately come back and play it if were fix'd, but as of right now I can't respect this as front page worthy.

It's a good concept, but it's marred by horrible execution. First of all, using the space bar to jump is generally a terrible idea unless it's a 3D game. If you have a mechanical keyboard and you're playing this late at night in your parent's house/apartment with roommates, then you will most certainly wake them up. Second of all, you can't jump high enough and you fall down too fast, which means that hitting things like the sawblades and acid pools are a certainty. And you can't even destroy acid pools with the robot, so that's terrible. Third of all, THE MUSIC. OH MY FUCKING GOD THE MUSIC. It sounds like your composing program had a heart attack. If you didn't let me turn it off, I would have blammed the fuck out of this game. The faux-retro style is very irritating, especially when some sound effects (like the baby crying when you leave him for too long) aren't even 8-bit. Not only that, but it's been done to death by companies like Nitrome.

I'm going to go a bit deeper into my criticism of the controls. The controls are bad. The arrow keys aren't sensitive enough, and you have to double-tap the space bar really fast for you to even think of doing an efficient double jump. This is mostly due to the bad jumping physics that I talked about before.

And looking at the reviews, it seems like I was lucky to even get the game to start. There are people that are stuck at the loading screen. I don't know if this is your fault or the fault of HTML5, but it's still worth mentioning either way.

This doesn't deserve front page. End of story.