Reviews for "Dual Custody"

once again i can't say it sucks because the rules but it's not great ether so TICK OFF

this game is is tight everything about is great

Another reason why I hate HTML5!

:/ I did not like

wellwell...i like the story and the concept (as said many times before -.-) and i like the grafics. for me they do perfectly fine.
i tried this yesterday because i got interested by the short introduduction and couldn't play. today i can...same PC. im a little bit curious XD but glad i didn't have the same problem again.
well i wouldn't say the controls are horrible but i admit that one has to get used to it, the keys itself and a little bit tweeking on the physics would be nice, i was a litle bit irritated by the jumptriggering...nothing you couldn't manage but...
some work on that wouldn't have been /won't be bad because the game has a great potential and right now is not using it to the end.
all im all still nice :)