Reviews for "Dual Custody"

Gorgeous looking game!
Didn't work on Firefox or Chrome, so I had to lean towards Internet Explorer and it works well.

No idea what's going on here. Seemed interesting, thought I'd try it. Clicked new game, clicked listen to story, didn't do anything, clicked opposite button "no time" and it just hangs there, neither button does anything. Refreshed 3 times and same result, and on the 4th refresh the main menu button didn't even work. Maybe its incompatible with newer flash, or maybe it's something on my end, but this is proving incredibly unplayable and doesn't give me a good introduction to the toolset.

Hope this proves useful, not sure what else to say, landing a 2.5 star neutral vote with this review.

Man i thought this game was really cool, well done for making this with HTML5!

I really don't see why people would dislike this game. Everything about it is super tight and the gameplay mechanics are awesome. Really gives you a lot of decision making to do.

Nice to see the first HTML5 game.
A shame to see that Apple killed of flash it was one of the ways for many young people to show their creativity.
Steve Jobs always talked about grasping opportunities however when such a tool ( flash arrives and inspires million he destroys it just for more money.... Sad