Reviews for "Pokimens"

Not too shabby. It did not seem to be a rip-off to me at all; it seems to me you have your own style of animating. Quite lovely!
Also, as you've read countless times in the reviews already, it would be wise to find yourself a microphone with good quality. You can find a decent $20 mic(rophone) at Wal-Mart or Frys, and even Best Buy and those sorts of stores. Good luck!

Well done made me laugh the hole time !

This was twisted and horrifying, which is why it was amazing.
My only problem with this is incredibly poor animation. The randomness is perfect though,
and the references to stupid trainers and goofy skills were hilarious. xD

Never understood how attract worked. I mean, two different species instinctually don't mate. So I guess all pokemon can mate with eachother?

Oh god... Pikasire?


That was really REALLY creepy...