Reviews for "Pokimens"

Attract wore off!
Why? '~'

Not too shabby. It did not seem to be a rip-off to me at all; it seems to me you have your own style of animating. Quite lovely!
Also, as you've read countless times in the reviews already, it would be wise to find yourself a microphone with good quality. You can find a decent $20 mic(rophone) at Wal-Mart or Frys, and even Best Buy and those sorts of stores. Good luck!

VERI FUNI- WUVED IT--- EVERYTIN BOUT IT WAZ AMAZIN-... BUT u need to bget bettr mic

First and foremost, never consider yourself a rip off of anyone. Even the greatest animators, artists, ect. have people that they looked up to and positively influenced them. Everything you make will have your own personality on it, and this is no different :)
I thought this was pretty funny myself. When Pikachu drips out of the pokeball, the look he has is so awesome!
Better sound would have been nice (the mono on my headphones was in left ear, which sucks), if you don't use it, try getting some experience with Audacity. Even if you have a low quality sound setup, you can make it a lot cleaner pretty easily with that program. And it's free.
Can't wait to see more from you.

Sweet animation skills, and I wouldn't say they're ripped off of anyone in any way. It was funny aswell, just make sure to improve the sound quality when it comes to voice recording and keep up the good work! :D