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Reviews for "Death vs Monstars 2"

this game is awesome!!.. its not even hard for me.. and the aiming is just fine for players out there.. if your having hard time finishing any level i suggest when it comes to many opponents don't mind your enemies who are chasing you just Avoid getting hit by them eventually you will hit them anyways..and as for the shooting enemies hit it last when all the chasing enemies are dead just go to them a little nearer then move to the opposite that's all and as for the bosses there are many boss after you finish colossus... i would suggest hold the time(S) then use death ray(D) over and over until the boss is dead that's how i did it... and you can use shield(A) i use shield when I'm surrounded then i go towards them it kills them all.. and if your having hard time killing those monster who multiplies or generates new monsters use shield then avoid and just go circles around them while your shield is recharging..i hope this was helpful... its really a cool game everyone should try it .. and its a lot easier if you got the UBER9000 which is 300,000... just use fancy gentlemen outfit to earn more money than upgrade... just go to the level that seems easy for you over and over. until you earn enough money to buy everything before going to the hardest stage :)

awesome game

loved it. really hard. very different control and shooting. spent 2 hours on it and am left with the last boss and 2 question mark levels. soooo hard. i hope this saves for me because 2 hours is too much of any game, even one as good as this. i might even try the first one some day.
very original and a wicked game
congrats on this for sure

I love this game! Everything about it is right:
* Controls are simple, objectives are simple
* You can "level up", but VERY quickly and even have the option to get the Top Hat costume for super fast gold, so you aren't forced to grind. You can immediately see yourself getting stronger
* Game isn't very difficult nor does it force you to equip inferior equipment, but it always keeps you on your toes. The enemies swarm you and its chaotic, but you feel awesomely powerful taking down whole hordes by yourself
* An excellent theme; colourful and cheery, with its own sense of humour
* Game is short, but you can keep playing over and over again because its just that fun!

I also noticed you've made several improvements over the first game. For instance, the new special abilities like Shield and Death Ray. I also noticed if you've bought every single upgrade, gold wouldn't appear anymore - this helps the player a lot since he won't be distracted by cash.

I'm not sure if this is intended, but bosses can fire the exact same projectiles as you (I'm talking about the mini-suns seen in the ultimate gun), which can lead to confusion when you're trying to shoot and dodge at the same time.

An excellent game! Keep it up!

The game is amazing!It's a perfect sequel! :)