Reviews for "Death vs Monstars 2"

Good game, good music too! The only thing is... Nothing happens after I finish the last wave on the first level. I've gone through the first level three times and i haven't been able to pass it once, this game is upsetting me! I'll give it 1 star just because of that bug that doesn't allow me to play more than the first level.

GameReclaim responds:

I'm still trying to find the origin of this bug, it doesn't happen to everyone and never happens on my test pc. Can you send me your flash player version number and perhaps what kind of browser, operating system you use? Thanks!

For some reason I can't complete any of the levels in this game. In the first level, I defeat the green mob, it says 0 waves left, but the level never completes, even as I write this it's just continuously shooting.

Smooth gameplay and nice music gets a star, but I can't give it any more than that if I can't actually play the game.

look at my rating

sucky controls

I couldn't even play the game, I press continue and I can't interact with the title screen :c