Reviews for "Death vs Monstars 2"

There are some really cool features here, the biggest being that the controls are essentially in reverse which requires a different sort of snap-strategy than what we are used to. However, am dissapointed to see the lack of a "magnetic money" upgrade.

GameReclaim responds:

added money magnet

DEFINITELY needs a magnetic money upgrade. I end up losing out on so many coins because I have to choose either taking damage or missing coins. This sort of breaks the dynamics of the game, because I find it takes too long to gather loot when I'm only collecting half of it.

Overall, I can see the improvement here, but I really don't think it's enough. The raw mechanics may have improved, but there isn't the excess of upgrades and general spoils of war that I would have expected from a game with such challenging levels.

out of 10...
gfx - 7.0 (used Flash default polygon tool)
sfx - N/A
design - 7.5
gameplay - 9.0

overall, this is a fast-paced shooter with interesting controls that suffers from upgrade-anemia.

Not bad. It is a good game.
It is quite challenging and fun at the beginning, but the last two monster levels are impossible.
Good timewaster.

Good game, but i don't like the movement, make it arrowkeys. It is hard to aim and keep away from enemies, because you move where you aim to. But it's great. Also, bullet time doesn't work for me.

The aiming is a bit bad. It easily ruins the special ability Deathray.

I also had the level 1 not pass bug, but after, I bought something and restarted. May fix that nasty bug