Reviews for "Death vs Monstars 2"

This game is excellent and enjoyable in its overall quality,cute design,smooth gameplay and replayability value with upgrdades,medals and maybe the high scores.However,there are some problems like:
(1)The random spawning of monsters,the player could pretty much bump into them as new waves appear while the previous wave is not yet completed.
(Maybe there could be a mini map to show where the monsters are spawning from or that they spawn from outside the screen and an arrow should point out which direction they are coming from.)
(2)Monsters swarm the whole area as new waves become bigger,never mind about the weapons taking out groups of them,the mouse movement can make it difficult to control the firing directions.(A bigger map for more moving space or smaller monsterss)
(3)Like in Problem(2),as there is less space,it is easier for the player to hit the end of the screen when cornered and the movement is slowed down,affecting the speed of dodging(Maybe a wall or barrier could be added at the sides of the screen to prevent this.)
Anyway,an enjoyable game which could use more weapons(Drones and mines to add firepower,for example)and improvements.Good work!

Rather fun. Two beefs I had with it, though.

First, the challenge where you have weaker weaponry. I just found it too difficult to a frustrating level. After maybe 8 attempts, I stopped trying to avoid further frustration.
Second, the items seem too easily obtained. This can be a positive, as it does get annoying having to grind and grind like it seems every other game makes you do for a small upgrade. Although a shop system in general seems somewhat worthless if I'm using the strongest stuff less than half-way through the game.

I also felt it'd be nice if the outfits and weapons affected the high score run. Perhaps a higher multiplier for weaker weapons.

Fun and easy to play, A great sequel. Not really much to say other than the hitboxes are a bit iffy at times other than that the game is fine.

@brucelee12 Learn the patterns get better equipment by grinding the other stages. It really isn't that difficult.

There are some really cool features here, the biggest being that the controls are essentially in reverse which requires a different sort of snap-strategy than what we are used to. However, am dissapointed to see the lack of a "magnetic money" upgrade.

GameReclaim responds:

added money magnet

DEFINITELY needs a magnetic money upgrade. I end up losing out on so many coins because I have to choose either taking damage or missing coins. This sort of breaks the dynamics of the game, because I find it takes too long to gather loot when I'm only collecting half of it.

Overall, I can see the improvement here, but I really don't think it's enough. The raw mechanics may have improved, but there isn't the excess of upgrades and general spoils of war that I would have expected from a game with such challenging levels.

out of 10...
gfx - 7.0 (used Flash default polygon tool)
sfx - N/A
design - 7.5
gameplay - 9.0

overall, this is a fast-paced shooter with interesting controls that suffers from upgrade-anemia.