Reviews for "Death vs Monstars 2"

Awesome game! nice idea, simple yet efficient control... good difficulty and upgrades balancing... well done!

I have to say that I've had to get used to the unusual control, but all in all ... just right for a while to play :)

And for people who want to be challenged ... well, there are the challenges :P

'sides of that, I liked the idea with the different looks and extras that came with them.

I like the game honestly, it kept me entertained and finished almost everything. though there is one thing that I do no like, before the second boss I already had all the power ups, so honestly I think you should either make the coins harder to get or add more power ups

I had a grand 'ol time with this one. Addictive, challenging, and a nice look too it. Well done.

Awesome game, only trouble I have is that it doesn't save my progress. So that's why I decreased half a star. But it's still awesome! ^-^