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Reviews for "Death vs Monstars 2"


Not bad. It is a good game.
It is quite challenging and fun at the beginning, but the last two monster levels are impossible.
Good timewaster.

I just can't give it a good score with the unnecessarily hard aiming concept. I can't think of a scenario where any ship would be equipped to fire only in the exact opposite of the direction you are moving. It also makes it impossible to avoid enemies if you are either stuck on one side (because the only way you can get out would be to move toward your enemies in which case, you will be shooting away from them) or if you are surrounded, since whichever enemies you move toward, you will be fired in the opposite direction and you won't have time to set your strafing since the turret moves so slowly.

I like these games generally, but the attempt to be different from other games with the aiming system just does not work. Sometimes different is not better.

This is a great game. For those saying that the aiming is hard... well, I have news for you. That's how it's supposed to be! It's a game where you're not fully in control of where you aim. That's the beauty of it. It's not a flaw in the game, but a main feature where the player must maneuver themselves out of harms way while also being cautious and aware of where they're aiming.

The bosses were all hard, and the weapons were great. However, I wish there was a little more variation.

At any rate, Thank you for a spot on game. I definitely played until I had collected all of the achievements. Took me about an hour.

The aiming is a bit bad. It easily ruins the special ability Deathray.

I also had the level 1 not pass bug, but after, I bought something and restarted. May fix that nasty bug