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Reviews for "Cloud Wars"

We will be updating the game very soon. Level 5 is indeed quite difficult and was originally intended for later on in the game.

Tip to pass level 5: You can temporarily set the difficulty to 'easy' with the button top-right. Make sure you're the first to collect the stars and upgrade your clouds.


Helpful tip to everybody - on challenging levels make sure you invest in a speed upgrade, since it makes getting multiple upgrades a lot easier. Also use the space bar to select all the clouds, it's way faster and I think it's superior to clicking and dragging.

Level 5 - pick on red more since he'll win due to his upgrade (and if he gets all the clouds you're done for), but mostly concentrate on not losing any of your three clouds and on gaining upgrades by grabbing the stars. After you have all the upgrades on a cloud it will be a lot easier.

FlappyB responds:

Level 5 has been changed (in favor of the blue player)!

i have no clue why i like this so much XD

I have read the komments and I say the idea with multiplayer was the greatest!!!

By normal multiplayers you dont have a chatroom, this was a good idea for cloud war multi!

i'm love that game and i'm get king in game XD