Reviews for "Transit"

I didn't hate the art style on this one, but I didn't love it, either.
Aside from that tiny thing, IT was beautiful!

Really enjoyed it, the animation and general flow of the whole movie was done really well. It has really nice pacing. Some people are saying you took the theme too literatly or whatever but I say they're just focusing too much on the writing. A story can still be a great piece of art without some super convoluted and complex plot.

Great job Emrox.

Umm... well, I understand the meaning. But perhaps some continuity would help. For instance, where did the brief case go? His hands were all over that. The other problem is that most buses have a huge rearview mirror.

Okay, pros. The vector shapes look really nice. If the color schemes were a bit darker, I'd swear it was made by Paul Rand. I also love your synchronizing timing to the beat of the music. The blood splatter was really interesting, as well.

oh i get its a choich between destiny

I wonder what he achieved for killing a random man.

Emrox responds:

Maybe money.