Reviews for "Transit"

Perfect example of how a simple concept can be really complex. Loved everything about. Nicely done.


Emrox responds:


I loved everything about this, but why's it called transit? :P

Emrox responds:

because bus

realy liked it the story of haveing two paths to take but then once a decistion is made the other fades real life consepted got the message keep up the good work ^_^

Great animation...

I feel like being a trolling as*hole right now so here it goes.

I didn't realize that the bus had doors on both sides (he get on the bus on the right side, but jumps out on the left)

jk, not taking off any stars for that, it was awesome, and I like the simplistic way in which you animated it, Nice work

Emrox responds:

three cheers for discontinuity