Reviews for "Transit"

I like this, I think it had to do with the art style. really cool looking.

Very interesting, yes. We make choices, we go down different paths

Brilliant, I completely understand this. From what I see, the man on the crossroads is like the hitman's soul or maybe his conscience. And after killing the driver, his conscience goes along the path of the wicked, and becomes wicked in the process when his conscience turns black. The other path disappears to show that there's no going back or maybe that, because his innocence is lost, the other path isn't known to him anymore. However you view this flash, it really makes you wonder! And with that I applaud you on your work!

Great metaphor. My favorite part is when the other path disappears.

Love the flash. What are you try to say with the the killing of a person? What was the meaning? You see the person as two people at the same time. But after the kill it is one. I think there is meaning that we choose to be good or be bad and the world we live in is somewhat defined by our actions. How is my mark.

Emrox responds:

I purposely left this one open to your interpretation, as I've devised more than one myself. That's a bit deeper than what I'd created this around, but I think you might have found something I didn't see even in making the movie.

Good on you.