Reviews for "Super Mechs"

Great game, really enjoyed the strategic planning of it. In regard to 25352's comment. The +10 (or whatever) indicates it does an extra effect on top of damage whenever it hits. For example that flame thrower would do between 8-14 damage but would also add 10 heat to the damaged mech.

Overloading your enemy with heat is a very viable tactic and one my mech 'Axios' loves to do with dual flamers.

Good game but just a thing, we need to earn more reward when we beat a stronger level than you and less for the opposite. (and maybe other battle map...^^)
Thanks for this game.

since the recent patch that removed platinum, in human vs human ladder fights, forcing the opponent to overheat and lose a turn results in a glitch where it freezes on their turn. timer reaches 00 and turn does not swap back after opponent does shutdown. i waited it out for about 5 min and eventually ended up quitting. same scenario with human vs computer does not result in glitch.

Tacticsoft responds:

Please recheck. It is supposed to be fixed now.

Very well thought-out game indeed. I just can't understand all these 70+ players playing VS computer when there is only like 10+ players playing with each other.. there should be some kind of requirement for a number of player vs player matches you have to take (or only when you can't match up with another player).

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