Reviews for "Medieval Shark"

good game thanks

Most fun shark attack game so far, I got rank 23rd on my first go, woot, i like not having to pull down planes every 20 seconds and i like the chest bonuses and the frenzy mode, fun times

I had no idea there was going to be another entry in this series! It just seemed like you had done so much with the other games, you didn't need to make one! Of cousre, you did! My only complaint with this is that the medals were too hard to get! I'm sorry, but it just seems like the other games were a heck of a lot easier. I couldn't help but think I was doing something wrong.

It might have been that I was going downwards too much. You just had to e perfect with the timing. I still had some success on this game and am amazed so many people have gotten scores in the millions. I didn't know there were all these monsters back in medieval times. Whatever the reason, this is awesome. The shark looks funny this way.

third time's just as awesome!!

I made a dragon explode! JAWSOME!

Wiesi responds:

You ROCK!! :D