Reviews for "J&J: Sweet and Sour"

THAT was impressive. By far one of best animations you have produced so far.

The acting was top notch! The lead characters voice reminded me of snake or spike from cowboy bebop :D

The animation was very smooth and had excellent flow. The walk cycles in particular had a great bounce and sense of life. I also really like the style of the linework, it certainly distinguishes you from the crowd.

However, I still think that the background could use a little work and you need to be a bit more careful about your execution of close ups. It seems that, because you aren't using vector lines like in flash, the close cuts have a very noticeable drop in quality. Maybe in future you'd be better off redrawing the close up shots rather than enlarging (or zooming into) a previous mid shot, if that is in fact the case.
Though I can understand if you did that to save time due to the deadline of the competition ;p

Also I feel, though this is only my opinion, that the colour palette could have been a bit bolder. More contrasting colours, deeper blacks etc would have made the 'Film Noir' atmosphere 'pop' just a little bit more. But that is no real fault on your part since it is only my personal, directional preference.

Anyway, keep it up! and hold on to that voice cast! ( really professional ;p )
I'm looking forward to what you come out with next!

This was awesome! I was trying to figure out who was playing Jack (since I guess he hasn't accepted the portal request thing yet), and of course it's ThePawt. I was just listening to it going, "Holy shit, this guy is doing an awesome job."

Anyway I loved your writing on this, the creative way you interpreted the theme, and I do hope that perhaps I get to play Jones again one day. Thanks!