Reviews for "J&J: Sweet and Sour"

I have to say, there's a surprising amount of quality animation and acting in this. In that regard, it hit the "sweet and sour" thing right on the dot.

However, I feel like the writing is where it falls short. It's a good concept, but it felt really mediocre. Perhaps this was because it was made in 21 days. Perhaps not. Everything else is suburb.

That was great! The style was soft and in simple yet nostalgic design. It was literally like watching an awesome Mystery, Suspense and Noir animation from back in the good old 90's. Audio especially voice acting was very superb. I really love the portrayal of the detective, you have to send him my regards him made my heart throb with nostalgia. He reminded me of Steve Blum for a minute there! It was a nice short, experimental take and story on mystery and a classic dose of suspense. I'm going to bestow you a 4/5 and a 4/5 in voting power. You've done a fantastic job here friend, You and your crew should be very proud on this final product. I hope the recognition picks up the pace for you. Keep practicing, creating and contributing here. I hope you've enjoyed this review friends. Good day.

Good animation, good voice acting.

Hey Hikarian awsome work and btw when it's October 31 , 2012 make this submission scary and spooky for the first episode of "The Door"

wow. I think you just blew nmae out of the water.
Super high quality in every aspect. well played!