Reviews for "J&J: Sweet and Sour"

A very nice animation. Top quality content here =)

I just though that the head of the lady at the begining was a bit too big.

Great quality animation - the last line is genius too. Looks like we're all begging for a series!

A true GEM.

It got it all. Fluent animation, great use of surroundings and atmosphere, super voice acting, scene transitions, sex appeal, nice characters.
The only downside I could think of is the main character and his ...his hat. The shadows underlining his hat just looks out of place. And the guy himself seems out of place who comes to a fancy behind the fense party in a long detective suit and hat :).
But that didnt bother me that much compared to the overall quality of this movie :)

fucking good art and the voice acting is realy good.
Remmembers me of Zabuza from Naruto

It's great. I'd love to see you build on these characters. Love the animation and voices too. How about making a whodunit?? I think it'd work well for a short noir!