Reviews for "J&J: Sweet and Sour"

Kind of reminds me of one of Dave Brunos Nata entries. Anyway, it was awesome 5/5.

The devil in the red dress was wonderful

good vid you deserve kudos

Excellent voice acting, and charming art style! Not a very developed story, but hey, not bad for two minutes! I'd like to have seen some extra personality traits that would have made the characters more memorable, but overall, excellent job!

Maaaaan, this came out so amazing! To everyone else in the cast, you guys were so good :'D Really lovely performances from all of you from beginning to end! And Hikarian, you animation was so darned good! Seriously, the expressions, the lipsync... all was top-notch! The writing and mixing weren't quite as good as the rest of the package, but that's the only thing keeping this from being a solid 5/5.

I'd love to work more with all of you someday!

the animation was pretty freakin good O.o ... even though a bit boring, in the little bit u made, u gav the characters a lot of...uh... character xD lol u feel me!!