Reviews for "J&J: Sweet and Sour"

Great animation skills done in a short notice, I can see that you got talent. Your animation story is interesting, movements are fluid, voice acting are synced and cool. I don't have to say much as most of the reviewers below me had pointed out your animation's strengths and weaknesses. Such as cloudy, short, need more such series, more potential to be a story, etc.
P.S. The voice of the detective kinds of somehow reminds me of Snake from Metal Gear Solid. :/

I like the musc in this one. and the animtion and charator design. But the backgrounds are a litthe cloudy. And it was maybe a little to short. but other then that, it was great. 5/5 from me

9/10 for image quality (flash)
10/10 for story
10/10 for voice actor and sound track
Really really nice

Still have no idea how you made this in 21 days! So awesome!
And SirUndead's voice... My goodness!

i would be happy to see more of J&J adventures