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Reviews for "a summer memory"

smooth and a little melancholy of a time in a warmer place with a nice someone, love it

johnfn responds:


Ooh! That's such a sweet piano sounds you've got! Sweet tunes as well :3

For being an improv, this is insanely good o.O!!! You've got a lot of cool stuff going on here; interesting modulations, a great melody (very original at that), and even chromatic bass lines. You used both the slightly darker and the lighter parts of the piano too, which I enjoy very much :D You didn't use the lowest keys that much, but they intend to get pretty muddy anyway :)

There aren't too many slips in this track either. I can hear a few places that probably didn't go as intended, but apart from that, this might as well be a composed song which had a lot of thought put into it. The atmostphere is just great...

I know what you mean with not going crazy with this improv :p I also tend to do a lot of wacky stuff when palying without recording XD

Anyway. Awesome improv johnfn. I ejoyed it a lot, so I favorited it ;)

johnfn responds:

To be entirely honest, I did make a few small post-adjustments. Anyway thanks LSD! I'm a big fan of your piano stuff as well... I did try to make it a bit more music-theoretically interesting, glad you caught on to that... :)

Gah! I don't know what to say. That was beautiful. I'd be interested in hearing you play something fast and exciting on piano/keyboard.

And grats for summoning the sleeping dragon. I like that exercise he suggested.

johnfn responds:

Thank you! I wish I could go faster, but this is pretty much maxing out my ability as it is... hehe... I need to practice more!

You improv very beautifully! The warmth and chord melody tugs at the heartstrings thank you for playing this :')

johnfn responds:

thank you! good luck in the NGADM/NGAUC :> (but you can't win them BOTH that would be TOTALLY IMPLAUSIBLE AND UNREASONABLE)

I love the emotion and the jazzy chords. I didn't like how that one chord cut off at :27 like that...kind of ruined the flow. It was only momentary, though, because this is a beautiful piece. You cover a wide range of octaves and moods, which I liked. My favorite part is probably at 3:28. It's just haunting beauty, and the silence before that part helps. Very well-built structurally, and I love the simplicity of this piece - it gives it quite the human touch IMO. Sure, it is a bit "reserved" if you know what I mean, but I can definitely understand why you're more tempted to play more carefully when recording. Besides, it's not like I haven't been recording all of the improvs you do with that bug I have in your room. >:D This piece has a great sense of melodic development, structural relief (with the part at 3:28), and an excellent sense of progression. Also, I'm not really sure what pedal points are, but I plan on earning some when I can take out my bike once all this snow melts in 4 months or so...XD Keep up the great work, Johnfn! ^^

johnfn responds:

Pedal points are what you score if you pedal fast enough, silly! Actually, they're the point at which you release the pedal when playing, which cuts off all the sustaining notes.

> 3:28

Duh who doesn't like recapitulations of the main theme in a higher octave? It's pretty much the oldest trick in the book :D I was thinking this song could have a little more dynamic variation though, it's kind of all the same loudness up until that point...

thanks for the review!