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Reviews for "Facebook Trauma"

It would've been better if it was a loop.

Love what you did. I remember I used to be a Facebook addict, but then my family took my computer away because I was too into it. Now, I barely even go on -- it's a complete bore now. Of course, that's why I love this little clip, it makes me remember of how stupid I freaked out over Facebook at times. Also reminds me what I might've become had I continued. Anyway, good job on this. This isn't exactly quality stuff, but the art is simple and easy to follow, which is something every flash needs to have. Anyway, good job on this and nice job for getting onto the front page.

Also, it's a good thing he didn't look behind him in the end. Too many memories of Slenderman. The guy scared me to death in real life. Of course, I got over it...luckily... >.>

Internet addiction is a disorder. Facebook addiction is a clinical disorder.

Just fucking unfriend those people, stop whining.

ArinsMind responds:

Now where's the humor in that?

it's just like the man on the corner wall street with the rainbow afro said, it's a social parasite.