Reviews for "(REEL) Luminant Fantasia"

this thing just need one word

Great i am looking forward to seeing the rest of how this game turns out. i hope theres some cool armor and weapons. and different class's or something like that

The battle system is nice, I still like the old school systems like FF3/6 with one flat wait time for all abilities but this one also has it's merits.

Sprites are very well done, very smooth looking. Animation is good and flows nicely. Even small details such as hair movement while standing still.

Only real issue I can see is 2v2 combat seems a little dull (while I know you're able to use each more than once per tide, it seems to sacrifice variety for management). That and some minor animation issues such as Ayu's knees sinking into her lower legs as she sways back and forth in stance.

I LIKE IT !!!!

lol forgot this was a demo and ended up playing for so long.Anyway, hope it will be next after Trigger Princess.