Reviews for "(REEL) Luminant Fantasia"

I like this. It reminds me of Paper Mario's battle system. I think you should let me use the keyboard as well.

I recommend you sepnd some time with this demo.

The game arts is very beautiful ,i do think it will be released to iOS and android so can play it on the go, well if the game ever see the light of day

Great art and a simple but good combat system, pair that up with a good story and you've got an award winning rpg. The music is also quite good. Reminds me a bit of Golden Sun.

First off, the graphics is lovable. It has that chibi charm, which isn't overly done (phew!). The colouring is great! Maybe it's just for that background that's well done this time, so I hope the other backgrounds will be coloured accordingly as well.

(Maybe it was just me, but the Swordsman/Knight looked like Saber from Fate to me. Generic female Sword-wielder maybe? The Lancer/Healer looks sweet though.)

Secondly, the battle music! Thumbs up!! But uh, it won't be the ONLY battle music you'll be using throughout the whole game's making, pray pray. (sweat) That would make the great choice a bit bland after, say, fifteen minutes to half an hour afterwards.

Last but not least ... The battle system is a well-combined Tactical style. Will there be an option to use items, bought from shops during free roam maybe, whenever though? How about experience points and levelling? Will there be a choice of what skills to get or is each character's development set? I don't mind not changing equipments - they matched so well with the characters as they are. :)

Looking forward to seeing this game appear as an upgraded version within the next few months! I can see a lot of potential for it to be a hit amongst RPG fans. :)

Most amazing graphics I've seen on flash. Beautiful, should be made a real console game of something, with full length story. Music, I really like it!