Reviews for "(REEL) Luminant Fantasia"

Wow, love the way the combat system works. Truly unlike any flash system I've worked with in the past. As said, the sprites are well drawn, and from what I see, the mechanics encourage a fast paced type of battle, of which I am fond of. Personally, I would include environment boosts, random reinforcements to either side, or other random events to help spice things up. It has potential.

Online RPG's tend to get boring on an average player quickly, so systems such as this and perhaps others including BGM selection (the choice for this demo was quite riveting, great job on that), story writing, and (hopefully) deeper and less stereotypical character profiles would serve well to keep the player glued to the website and away from his or her homework.

The battle system is nice, I still like the old school systems like FF3/6 with one flat wait time for all abilities but this one also has it's merits.

Sprites are very well done, very smooth looking. Animation is good and flows nicely. Even small details such as hair movement while standing still.

Only real issue I can see is 2v2 combat seems a little dull (while I know you're able to use each more than once per tide, it seems to sacrifice variety for management). That and some minor animation issues such as Ayu's knees sinking into her lower legs as she sways back and forth in stance.

You never cease to surprise me people! Nicely done, really!

Funny because I have just made an article on my Website talking about Trigger Knight to my community, a few days ago, and midway I said how much I was expecting the full game from you guys. And today I found this on your account not even knowing it was submitted yesterday xD

Anyway, about the game, I probably shouldn't give away a 4.5 stars like this because this is not even Beta, and the Battle system itself has some flaws and is no near completion (or at least I hope so).
The graphics are amusing for an original, the Sprites are awesomely well made, the monsters are nice and the environment, well it could have a little animation on it like but it's nice enough for me.

The music... Well the music as in Trigger Knight is stunning! It fits perfectly for the ambient and a RPG battle. Props to AtelierLucid for it, congratulations on the work well done!

Overall, the battle system is amusingly well coded as expected from you! I was actually thinking of a battle system similar on a future project I was planning after my pending projects are completed.
But after all these years making RPG's in Flash, I still have yet to try if I know how to make one with ATB kind of system!

Anyway, good work and I seriously hope to see a full-scale game from you within next year or something. From time to time I check you Site for news, but no luck I guess...

Keep up the good work, as a lover and creator of RPG's myself!


Sweet stuff with some story this will turn out to be a great rpg game which is so hard to find among flash games because most of them are shooters, platformers, etc.

gr8 have one idea not sure if you were going to do it any but if you have a weapon menu and you change the weapon make it so the character holds a not just your default sword add all it does is add stats but instead make it so that the swords are all different when you equip it or something