Reviews for "(REEL) Luminant Fantasia"

wtf is this?

this game is cool!

Not only will I play every installment as the project progresses, but I'd buy it as a game, so this is going to favorites to keep an eye on this as it develops.

For a demo reel of a proto phase game, it contains all you need. Some gameplay elements to highlight the core functions, working artwork, sample music, environment. Even if it's just a random battle you can loop, it's a clear start and finish, start and win the fight. It's something that is done in the gaming industry to sell new IPs and you do it well here.

Good work and best wishes to you and your team.

Wow! For something that was frozen before alpha, it's really amazing! I already love it! It is very fun, and even as it is, I enjoy it! All you would really need to do to make me the happiest person in the world is implement level four, and even without it, it's great! I look foreward to seeing the game completed, even if it takes years!

How you get these detailed characters to animate in flash? Reminds me of Vanillaware's George Kamitani.

Mintsphere responds:

By tears, blood, hardwork, and determination!

j/k, we pretty much use the same technique of what Vanillaware's did for their animation (Tebineri / hand-drawn sprites), hence the similarity. Mr. Kamitani was, like, our idol or something. We *are* inspired by Vanillaware, after all, and is taking the same HD-2D route.