Reviews for "(REEL) Luminant Fantasia"

Man, this was mad enjoyable. I almost forget it was just a demo for the battle system lol. Can't wait to see this as a finished project.

I'll be keeping my eyes open for this one.

This is very smooth and easy to grasp. The animations are also really fluid and makes the battle system a nice, fast paced turn-based battle system. I'm actually surprised I haven't seen something like this for PC games yet. (Then again, I do not know a lot of PC games.)
I'm really hoping that you will continue with this project.

This looks great, but I hope you move away from the Animu skinny scantly clad warrior girl cliche

This game = (future) WIN

I do hope this one gets delivered.
I'll be keeping the last star for when that time comes.

i like it and did a great job on this and if you expand it it might be famous