Reviews for "(REEL) Luminant Fantasia"

I like this. It reminds me of Paper Mario's battle system. I think you should let me use the keyboard as well.

I recommend you sepnd some time with this demo.

Graphics and music are all fantastic. Can't wait till this is completed. It looks really professional.

For a demo this does display combat fairly well, the idea of different abilities having different 'charge times' and MP costs is a great way to make it more interesting. Though, it does seem to be a bit repetitive (Which would likely be solved in a full game, due to more diverse skills, more party members, more enemies, etc.) and the way that combat 'pauses' during animation or while selecting a move generally means you can push through a fight as fast or as slow as you want.
Along with MP regenerating between turns it seems like you aren't overly punished if you go crazy with your skills.
So it seems like it is based around simply managing the resources of time, mana, and health in order to beat whatever your fighting.
Which likely means combat shouldn't be too common (Since while the combat is tactical, it can easily get repetitive without EXTREMELY diverse enemies/bosses, which is difficult to pull off on a mass scale.) and the game would likely be short-and-sweet.
Sadly this is a demo and not a full RPG.
Though customization (If this is turned into a full on game) would be very hard to balance, but overall: I say the concept is good.

Wow.. Brings me back to the days of Blade Dancer and Luminant Spark where you draged over the attacks and waited for the meter on each person to grow to do different attacks.. This has the almost same idealistic as that and better :D Thank you soo much and i know that its still in alpha/ pre alpha.. But i am really waiting for this to be public beta or full game.. Please get it finished with a map, story and good character development 5/5 definitively from me <3

Wow! Hey! Very nice! Original battle system! (Never seen this before.)
This is a treat, I don't see much original battle systems.

Very nice. I wonder if you'll finish this.