Reviews for "(REEL) Luminant Fantasia"

This game is SO ORIGINAL that I rally think that it should be completed... don't rush things just take your time making it I grantee that this will be famous and FANTASTIC !!!

I am really loving the way the battles flow here.
I'm not sure if the artwork is from elsewhere, or if you made it yourself, but it's pretty sweet.
I look forward to the full thing.

Let RPG's reign supreme!!

Mintsphere responds:

Hey Thanks!~ we make the artwork by our self. so its all original work. :)

Looks pretty nifty. I would be careful about being too loose with the controls...great gfx, though. Love those spell effects. Also, a very classic sort of song and sfx. I think this will be a massive hit if you can really get it rolling.

I wish every demo on the site had as much care and thought put into it as this did. I am beyond impressed! Music was exciting and got me in the mood to fight and the character and monster models were spectactular.It took some getting used to, but I got it down after few rounds. <

Now, I do have a few suggestions for the next build, or final build of the game. As good as this battle song is, more is always better. Bosses, rival fights and final boss should all have there own themes. The portal has a huge archive of music, so go nuts. Character growth should feel progressive without tons of micromanagment. Keep the battle system as it is, is`s perfect.

That`s all for now, and I look forward to more.

Great i am looking forward to seeing the rest of how this game turns out. i hope theres some cool armor and weapons. and different class's or something like that