Reviews for "(REEL) Luminant Fantasia"

Nice Battle System. Interesting new kind of using ATB. I Hope Your full game wil be complete soon. But dont hurry. Quality first ;)

this is amazing. I hope you've got big plans for this because the possibilities for it are endless. I can't wait for it to be completed. GL

Why the herp is girl :\

Loved it, the smooth animation and the sound effects. I can imagine this game will take a while until completion, but I can say... I can't wait to play the full version.

One Word


Its amazing how the battles flow..will there be different characters to play as through the campaign?(If there is one),also,Im wondering wether or not we could make our own characters(class type,lots of armors and weapons and stuff,ect.),that would be cool..but thats all up to you guys.Dont rush this project,I look forward to seeing it completed(or well,almost completed) in the future.