Reviews for "(REEL) Luminant Fantasia"

i love all your games, one day i wish to surpass your work and do awsome games.

Mintsphere responds:

We would LOVE to see that happen. You see, seeing people inspired by our work is the highest pleasure we can have!

First, it was very annoying I clicked where it says click anywhere to stsrt and a new site pops up. Second, it was strange selecting the actions.

Enjoyable engine, simple to use, takes time to get better. With the proper additions it will be complete and more than just fun, but quite memorable. My hopes to this game getting done!

Great art and a simple but good combat system, pair that up with a good story and you've got an award winning rpg. The music is also quite good. Reminds me a bit of Golden Sun.

The game arts is very beautiful ,i do think it will be released to iOS and android so can play it on the go, well if the game ever see the light of day