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Reviews for "Boulder Rush"

I think you've mislabeled your controls....not a bad game, kinda ugly interfaces but that's okay. Catchy tune, as well. I like the inclusion of upgrades. Might need a faster pace, however.

out of 10...
gfx - 7.5
sfx - 8
design - 7
gameplay - 7.5

overall: 7.5

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I hate it when I forget to do that.

Ok for a start. Needs alot more though. The controls lock up, and it takes far too long to get enough money to make the game worthwhile. Graphics were decent. Music was alright as well. Good luck on your continuing game making :)

It's kinda cool, but i got bored after the first try .-. But good job any way.

It's okay, but I suggest updating the graphics, make different types of people to run over, maybe each one gives a different score, more upgrades, more obstacles and potions, maybe different types of coins and time mode or something, or bigger balls that can crush you, and you got the controls wrong. It's the arrow keys, not the WASD keys. It's a good concept, but it needs work.