Reviews for "Talk Head"

Had potetial Tom, but bugged as f***. The lipsync only works for the first 4 frames when i'm creating it, and it doens't work at when i browse for other people's work(which takes a year to load after i clicked on it). Well, i hope i'm not the only one getting this, but now i await for the "big game" that you and Johnny are making <3.

absolutely love it tommy boy, fantastic idea to show the creativity of all those on newgrounds not just the artists i went through three whole hours but i finally finished a whole audio segment not like those unfinished ones lol ppl check it out its called The Preverted Square

TomFulp responds:

Great work on Perverted Square, it's one of my favorites so far!

Really interesting idea, but it's missing features such as creating your own snippets so that we can bundle/share entire words or phrases rather than having to do so manually/redundantly.

I think there's more of a problem than the fact that you used AS2 :(

Cool stuff. Enjoyed it.

It's good that the music and such works, but I don't see the head lip synching the audio o any of them. :|