Reviews for "Talk Head"


i made one called AGRORN!!!! i was bored i liked this and i had fun with it

nice idea! i'll hope other animators will also benefit from this little tool
works perfecty fine, and finally a submission worth a review by me

having alot fun right now playing around with your tool, Tom-Berry! :D

I'm going to say right now that I am no good at this. I guess it's not so much that I am not good at it, it's just that it takes too long to make. I still have to appreciate all that you have done for us. The funny designs of the characters help. If nothing else, it allows you to get a good way of listening to all your favorite songs. It's pretty easy to understand the directions.

It's funny to go backward and hear the song being distorted. It makes you realize the different sounds our mouths make. I guess it even makes you appreciate ventriloquists more. It's nice how everything is presented in such a clear cut manner. I'm glad you guys had fun with it.

Impossible to use if your going to do it and sit there for an assload of time to make it frame by frame.
You must have no life. Otherwise useless but good program tom fap, only if i dint have a life i wouldve rotted away playing with an experimental program. Now who would do that? *Trollface*
Anyway, I've already spent 2 hours on this, and now I'll think I just die. *Blows out brains*